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Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace Function

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Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace Function

Message par Sebahtstian » 21 Avr 2017, 08:49

Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace Function: it is widely used in the quenching&tempering of Grinding Media and foundry products.Adopt dual screen PID to adjust temperature controller independently and PLC programming control.Touching screen&malfunction alarm.

Grinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace Advantage:

(1)Compared with others heat treatment furnace,it can energy conservative 25%--40%

(2)The quenching line has good insulated effect

(3)Malfunction alarm and inspection

(4)Special structure of resistance wire,it will not affect the capacity when changed the bottom resistance wire

(5)Quenching system:wind quenching,oil quenching and isothermal quenching

Ningguo Zhicheng does not only haveGrinding Ball Heat Treatment Furnace;but alsogrinding ball casting line;dia20mm-140mm grinding ball metal mold;
grinding ball metal mould
mill ball moulding machine
steel ball electric furnace
crushing ball heat treatment furnace
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